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Finally, an affordable and easy to install pullback riser for the V-Rod Muscle that allows you to keep your stock handlebars.
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The Riser...

We love our V-Rods, however as many riders have discovered the level of comfort just doesn't meet our desires. That is initially what led to the development of our riser. We explored all the current options and didn't find an easy solution that allowed the stock handlebars to stay. The stock handlebars must stay, as it adds to the unique style of the bike! We also wanted the most 'pullback' we could achieve without modification of the controls or having to replace the throttle cables.

Our 'offset' riser design combined with the 34 degree angle of the forks provides a pullback of 2.6 in. (66 mm), with very little increase in the height of the bars (height increase approx. .60 in. (15mm).

The result is a dramatic improvement in the overall comfort of the rider, with no adverse affects to the feel or handling of the motorcycle. Allowing for a more enjoyable ride, even over long distances. This is one best modifcations you can do to increase the comfort of your V-rod. Read some comments from our satisfied customers.

Actual riser pullback "by the numbers".

"Mouse over Image for Preview" After vrod riser installation

If you interested in the actual numbers, here they are...

  • Stock handlebars (part #56012-09)
    • Width - Tip to Tip: 31.75
    • Stock Rise: 6.00"
    • Pullback: 4.12"
  • With Budman's pullback riser installed:
    • Rise : Approximately 6.60"
    • Pullback: Approximately 6.72"